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Creating a Whole New DiaLOG: A New Model of Operational Governance

45 minutes
Innovative Partnerships and Alliances for Effective Student Learning
Higher Education
Academic Transformations
Oral Presentation

The University of Minnesota System used its transition to Canvas to restructure and reinvigorate decision-making processes surrounding the implementation and maintenance of a new learning management system. With an emphasis on core values such as consensus and collaboration, the primacy of the needs of learners and teachers, and the importance of embracing healthy tension, a new model of operational governance was created. The Digital Learning Operational Governance (DiaLOG) model now exists to ensure that units from across the University work together to address challenging academic technology issues for the improvement of teaching and student learning. With groups focused on the learning platform, learning tools, and learning analytics, work in the University of Minnesota's academic technology spaces can be addressed in a coordinated and consensus-based manner. This session will share the core values, processes, and goals of the DiaLOG model. Specifically, we will talk about: 1) our philosophy around membership and participation, 2) decision-making rooted in a commitment to the greater good, and 3) our larger aims in regard to networking, community-building, and the advancement of a greater agenda in the digital teaching and learning environment.


Emily Ronning, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, University of Minnesota; Donalee Attardo, Office of Information Technology, University of Minnesota; Jamey Hansen, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota