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Designing Effective Teaching and Significant Learning

3 hours
Practices for Student Success
Emerging Technologies in the Learning Landscape
Accessibility and Universal/Inclusive Design
Higher Education

Faculty realize the importance they have in delivering quality courses. However, many faculty have had little formal education in the art of designing courses to deliver significant learning. In a time where the need for student success and retention through course and program completion is greater than ever, we examine how course design achieves this goal. More than ever, faculty should design courses with aligned outcomes, assessments, and learning activities; improved communication using a variety of tools; accessibility for all students' learning requirements; appropriate technology integration; and the ability to assess the quality of the course. Session participants will actively learn how to apply the elements of designing quality courses. Through hands-on practice activities, participants will analyze one of their own courses to see how it delivers significant learning. Learning content will include planning materials and rubrics to meet the session outcomes. Additional content will be available to participants via a website for post-session access.


Karen LaPlant, Hennepin Technical College; Zala Fashant, Minnesota State