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Developing Creative Thinking Skills

60 minutes

Creativity is a mental ability that can be enhanced and which is valuable to educators, designers, and institutions. This brief workshop is based on the lessons learned from teaching and researching in the field of creativity. How creativity can be developed in the classroom and through the use of educational technology will be discussed and presented. How we generate new ideas is a critical skill in any field. Instructional and other designers need to creative, to develop new ideas and new methods of education. The idea is twofold: how to make designers and teachers more creative, and how to help them make their students more creative. Creativity is a skill that can be employed on a small or large project, but it must be developed and practiced. This workshop presents classic and new techniques for developing creative problem solving and for the integration of those techniques into the classrooms. Most institutions do not teach creativity or innovation per se; they may examine both topics as academic observers, but courses for the development of creativity in the student is very rare. My experience with teaching a class on creativity for almost 20 years and multiple research sessions demonstrates creativity is a skill that can be taught. At our schools and universities, while we look for our students to be creative, we don't work at developing those same skills, either in ourselves or in our students. NOTE to the committee: I am submitting three proposals and just one of the proposals should be selected for presentation. In this workshop, participants will: develop an understanding of creativity and innovation through presentation of examples and research from current classes in creativity, improve their own creativity and problem solving skills through a series of exercises and activities, develop strategies to design and implement creative problem-solving techniques in their courses, both as independent courses in creativity and as elements within instructional design courses.

Topic Area(s): Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies; Online & Hybrid Learning; Other


Brad Hokanson is a professor in the College of Design at the University of Minnesota. He teaches in the area of creative problem solving and has published research in the fields of creativity and educational technology. His new book is Developing Creative Thinking in Learners. He has taught courses on creativity for over 20 years and has offered three MOOCS on the topic with enrollments over 50,000 participants.