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Developing Creativity in the Classroom

3 hours
Social and Collaborative Learning
Immersive and Interactive Learning Models
Academic Transformations
Higher Education

Creativity is a mental ability that can be enhanced and is valuable to educators, designers, and institutions. This session is based on lessons learned from teaching and researching in the field of creativity. Workshop participants will learn to simply evaluate creative potential, to practice activities designed to encourage personal creativity in the class, and add creativity to one's work. Both experience (of the workshop presenters) and research tells us creativity is a skill that can be taught. It requires extensive work by the learners, but the lessons, while not conveying traditional content, will change the learner in many ways that are cherished. At our universities, while we look for our students to be creative, we don't work at developing those same skills, either in ourselves or our students. Creativity is a skill that can be employed on a small or large project, but it must be developed and practiced. This workshop presents classic and new techniques for developing creative problem solving and the integration of those techniques into the classrooms. Within this workshop, there are two goals: first, to develop creativity in the workshop participants, and second, to help integrate the development of creative skills in instructional design courses.


Brad Hokanson, University of Minnesota