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Developing a Digital Citizenship Badge Program

3 hours
Micro-Credentialing/Badging and the Platforms that Support It
Higher Education
Career and Workforce Development
Adaptive and Personalized Learning

In fall 2018, Winona State University launched its new Digital Citizenship Badge Program with a cohort of 60 undergraduates, following a yearlong, campus-wide planning and development effort. This tiered program includes a catalog of five-week, online, facilitated courses that WSU students can take for free. The first-tier course, Digital Citizenship Foundations, introduces the five pillars of digital citizenship: footprints, literacy, etiquette, responsibility, and hygiene. Second- and third-tier courses help students deepen their knowledge, skills, and abilities by implementing a personalized learning plan that prepares them for success in a rapidly changing digital world. In this session, we will engage those who are considering or are in various stages of building, such a program in some collaborative work. We will share planning tips, open educational resources, and assessment strategies. We will share our student learning outcomes and work through several of the learning activities and assessments built into the Foundations course. We will also discuss badging from both theoretical and practical perspectives, working together to define when and where badging makes sense and how to begin building the technical and administrative infrastructure to support institutional badge programs.


Ken Graetz, Chad Kjorlien, Winona State University