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Enhanced eBooks: Bold New Frontier or Barren Wasteland?

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

This presentation will cover what makes an eBook "enhanced" and the challenges of producing and selling this type of eBook. Tools for creating and disseminating an enhanced eBook will be reviewed. Like any learning object, the enhanced eBook has its supporters and detractors, and the decision to use one as a learning tool should be thought through. Considerations for using this type of eBook in the online learning environment will be covered with recommendations for preparing faculty for what can actually be accomplished. This type of eBook has its own set of issues and research that suggests it can actually detract from learning. However, in certain areas of education, the enhanced eBook resolves issues related to demonstration of techniques that make it a highly valuable tool.

The presenter will have sample enhanced eBooks for viewing and stories of success and failure at getting them into the hands of students. Objectives:
1. Understand what constitutes an enhanced eBook.
2. Learn what tools are available for the production and dissemination of an enhanced eBook.
3. Evaluate whether an enhanced eBook project is a worthwhile project.

Topic Area(s): Content Authoring Tools; Digital Learning Resources; Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies; Mobile Learning


Kelly Vallandingham has been with the College of Veterinary Medicine for ten years. Her current role includes advising faculty on technical resources and best practices for online delivery, including objective-oriented planning, selection and use of learning management systems, tools for technology-enhanced learning, and education technology innovations.