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Essential Key Components to Successful Student Engagement in Online Learning

60 minutes

While there are many successful teaching strategies for engaging students in the online environment, several key components continuously rise to the top. Over years of teaching in online and academic classrooms, the workshop facilitators will share the pedagogics that have proven to work effectively time and again. Learning is an interactive, iterative process. At this workshop, you will learn about the successful strategies employed to engage students online and share some of the strategies you use that lead to successful student engagement. To reiterate one's own successful teaching strategies. To learn new teaching strategies. To understand what students need to engage in success participatory learning.

Topic Area(s): Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies; Online & Hybrid Learning; Student Success


Dr. Kathy Brock Enger taught for a private online university for ten years and worked for the North Dakota State University System for 15, five of those as a professor in the Education Doctoral Program at NDSU. Professor Lin Enger has been a professor at Minnesota State University Moorhead for 25 years, more recently teaching online courses.