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Establishing a Collegiate Office of Online Learning: A Case Study

45 minutes
Innovative Partnerships and Alliances for Effective Student Learning
Higher Education
Academic Transformations
Oral Presentation

In 2018, the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities established a Collegiate Office of Online Learning (COOL) to support faculty in the design and delivery of online education and outreach. This session will focus on the College's efforts to provide structural support and faculty development for an expanded CVM online learning portfolio. COOL services include guidance for online course design and delivery; creation of learning objects such as ebooks, voiceover and motion-capture presentations, online activities, and video filming support; advice on budget creation and project management; assistance with grants and other funding applications that include eLearning components; training for new learning technologies and tools for online delivery; planning for sustainability and maintenance; and developing evaluation and assessment plans for online learning. The team's services are intended to work in conjunction with other educational resources in the College and at the University of Minnesota. Presenters will talk about the considerations taken to establish and structure the team to meet the college's diverse needs, the selection and consultation process for faculty projects, and distribution of work and effort. This session will also review how CVM allocated resources and engaged in strategic planning to increase the college's efforts and visibility in eLearning endeavors.


Mary Katherine O'Brien, Kelly Vallandingham, University of Minnesota; Debra Freedman, Thomas Molitor, Mark Rutherford, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota