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Faculty Technology Development: What Do Faculty Really, Really Want?

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

We will share examples of recent faculty development efforts and current trends. What motivates faculty to participate in development seminars and workshops? How does institutional commitment affect faculty motivation for attending development programs? Takeaways include a checklist for designing effective faculty development programs. Participants will engage in group activities and discussion that generates ideas on how to provide flexible technology development programs that faculty will attend. Objectives: Discover what other institutions are doing to meet faculty technology development needs. Identify common barriers to faculty participation. Brainstorm how to overcome barriers and increase faculty satisfaction.

Topic Area(s): Social & Collaborative Learning; Student Success; Other


Pamela Gades, Technology for Teaching & Learning Coordinator, provides technology support, training, and design consulting to faculty. Chlene Anderson, Online Learning Coordinator, coordinates Morris online courses and dual credit programs. Debi Race, Academic Technology Support Services Coordinator, supports faculty academic technology integration, and provides support to students.