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Implementing WCAG 2.0 in Course Design

60 minutes

Section 508 has been refreshed, and as of January 2017 the requirements of WCAG have become mandatory. Institutions of higher learning are subject to ADA requirements and must be mindful of how these requirements impact digital learning. ADA compliance is not only mandatory, it provides the best learning experience for all students. Everyone who creates and distributes digital content must be aware of the ADA considerations and best practices. In this workshop, participants will learn about the relevant WCAG standards that apply to online course design, and practice methods to address those standards as they apply to text, images, documents, and digital AV media. Participants will identify WCAG standards that apply to digital learning, particularly in the area of online course delivery, recognize and resolve common accessibility concerns, and practice strategies to improve accessibility in digital content delivery.

Topic Area(s): Accessible & Inclusive Technologies; Digital Learning Resources; Diversity & Inclusion; Effective Teaching Practices; Online Administration & Management; Online & Hybrid Learning; Quality Design in Teaching


Martin LaGrow has been instrumental in developing online programs for colleges from Harvard University to Guam Community College. LaGrow has served clients with an academic focus and technological know-how, identifying and proactively solving problems, and recognizing areas for opportunity. He has recently been published twice in the Educause Review in the area of academic accessibility issues.