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Intersections of Information and Digital Literacy, Technology, and Learning

45 minutes
Practices for Student Success
Innovative Partnerships and Alliances for Effective Student Learning
Career and Workforce Development
Higher Education

This roundtable discussion from the MN Learning commons Special Interest Group on digital and information literacy will focus on the following questions: 1) How do we develop students to be digitally and information literate when technology continues to change? 2) What strategies have you used to help develop faculty, teachers, or instructors’ facility and literacy with technology while still keeping pedagogy at the forefront of their teaching and instructional design? 3) What potential collaborations do you see between K−12 and higher education related to digital and information literacy? How can we better communicate with each other about what our students are learning, or need to learn?


Lindsay Matts-Benson, Mariya Gyendina, University of Minnesota