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Journey from Classroom to Online Instructor: Strategies and Success Stories

75 minutes
Roundtable Discussion

Over the past several years, teachers at Minnetonka High School have been developing high-quality online courses that enable students to accelerate their learning, maximize their schedules, and experience online learning in a supportive environment. Tonka Online now offers 50+ supplemental, NCAA approved online courses for high school students. The foundation of our online program is involving quality teachers and leveraging their teaching expertise in an online platform. This session will detail ways we have intentionally developed our program and encouraged our teacher leaders to envision the potential of online learning. Our goal is to share lessons we have learned and learn from others in a discussion based format. Join us for a conversation about effective teacher training, course design, online teaching expectations and standards, and more.

Discussion and sharing of ideas to support online instructor competencies. Discussion around quality online programming and expectations.

Classroom to Online Teacher: Strategies to help transition classroom teachers to successful online instructors.

Topic Area(s): Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies; Quality Design in Teaching; Student Success


Ben Stanerson currently teaches at Minnetonka High School and works as a lead teacher for the Tonka Online program. He has over 16 years of teaching experience as a science teacher and presently serves as a technology coach in addition to his role as a Tonka Online Lead teacher.