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MNLC Innovations Special Interest Group

60 minutes
Roundtable Discussion

This roundtable is your chance to engage with other like-minded faculty, staff, and administrators from K−12 and higher education on the topic of innovations in digital learning. Join members of the Minnesota Learning Commons Innovation Special Interest Group at this roundtable discussion to share your ideas and hear how others are approaching these key areas. We will explore some of the major issues issues that were identified by K−12 and higher education representatives this year, including academic analytics, adaptive learning, gamification, and infrastructure, as well as explore other topics and questions that participants bring to the table.

Participants will also help determine areas of continued engagement over the next year via the Minnesota Learning Commons Innovation SIG. Educause's "2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning" (https://www.educause.edu/eli/initiatives/key-issues-in-teaching-and-learning) will be referenced in the roundtable.

Participants will

:1) gain a better understanding of major teaching/learning/innovation issues that are currently being addressed by K 12 and higher education educators
2) have an opportunity to share and get feedback on some of the emerging trends they are facing in their work environment, and
3) be able to network and exchange approaches with educators from other educational sectors and institutions that are addressing common interests.

Topic Area(s): Adaptive & Personalized Learning; Assessment & Analytics; Badging & Alternative Credentialing; Other


Bob Rubinyi serves as the senior analyst for online learning in the Center for Educational Innovation. He currently chairs the U of M Online Steering Committee, oversees the University's Coursera MOOC partnership, serves on the Minnesota Learning Commons Steering Committee, and represents the University on state and national interinstitutional eLearning partnerships.