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Networked Education: Bringing Education to You Through Robotics

45 minutes
Next Generation Learning Environments
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Winona State University (WSU) and Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (FDLTCC) entered into an articulation agreement that enables Fond du Lac students to complete their first two years at FDLTCC, then years three and four of a teaching degree as WSU students on the Fond du Lac campus. Double 2 telepresence robots and Swivl lecture-capture robots: The Double 2 is best described as an iPad on a Segway. It is totally mobile and is controlled over the internet by a pilot using a laptop or mobile device. Communications are two-way, both video and audio. The mobility of the device allows that professor and the students on one campus to move about the room on the other campus and speak/observe/facilitate/interact with small groups and individual students as if all participants were in the same room. The Swivl is a lecture-capture device placed on the table as a two-way communication portal during large group work. The Swivl rotates on the table so the viewers on the other end always see the person talking. The robots are important means to observe student interactions and engagement with materials and manipulatives, enabling scientific, research-based pedagogical best practices for age-appropriate strategies at each location. Students also benefit by having the opportunity to get authentic conversations with students in different locations and of different cultures around Minnesota regarding course content.


Norb Thomes, Joan Bendix, Winona State University