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Open Publishing Opportunities: From Classroom Use to Statewide Initiatives

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

Educators are using open-publishing tools to create, remix, and share materials that suit specific educational needs. Attendees at this session will hear how the Minnesota State system office has used Pressbooks to publish an open-source Captioning Toolkit and hear their reflections on using it. We will also discuss a statewide initiative called the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project that makes the Pressbooks open-authoring tool available to anyone in the state. You'll hear how the tool works and see how educators have used it to create open textbooks, scholarly monographs, and other open education resources. Attendees will be able to assess opportunities for when an open-source authoring tool could be used. Attendees will discover free authoring tools available through the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project. Attendees will discover strengths (and also any limitations) of using an open-source authoring tool such as Pressbooks.

Topic Area(s): Content Authoring Tools; Digital Learning Resources; Open Education Resources


Matt Lee is an associate director at Minitex. He works with colleagues to manage and support the statewide Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) database collection, along with other statewide e-resources, and to provide cooperative purchasing of e-resources and library products. He has worked as a librarian with Minitex, at a nonprofit business library, and in public libraries in the Twin Cities