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Outer Space, AR & ClassFlow, Oh My!

30 minutes
Exhibitor Showcase Session

Blast off! Launch into the world of immersive learning with educational apps, augmented reality, virtual expeditions and more—all within the Promethean ecosystem. Differentiated Learning, Creating Engaging Content, Delivering interactive lessons and receiving instant student feedback.

Topic Area(s): Adaptive & Personalized Learning; Assessment & Analytics; Badging & Alternative Credentialing; Content Authoring Tools; Digital Learning Resources; Effective Teaching Practices; Mobile Learning; Open Education Resources; Quality Design in Teaching; Social & Collaborative Learning; Student Success


Brittany Vernier was a Spanish teacher in the Metro area for five years and an EdTech enthusiast, a Google Level 2 certified educator, and a Microsoft Innovator educator. Brittany enjoys spreading the word about Promethean and Classflow.