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Pick the Lock! Designing Creative (and Free) Digital Breakouts

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

How do you incorporate collaboration, creation, critical thinking, problem solving, and gamification into one learning activity? Create a Digital Breakout! We will explore how a mashup of Google Sites, Forms, Docs, and Drawings with additional creative webtools can result in a digital puzzle-solving game for learners of all ages. In our session, we will explore an example of a digital breakout designed to investigate primary sources, and walk through a Hyperdoc tutorial outlining the process of designing a customized breakout including: designing locked Google Forms with challenges to complete and puzzles to solve, selecting webtools to incorporate into the challenges, creating badges and clues, and setting up Autocrat to automatically send clues and certificates to breakout participants. All attendees will receive full access to the Hyperdoc tutorial, and those with computers can start creating their own digital breakout right away! Attendees will understand what a digital breakout is. Attendees will understand how to create a digital breakout with Google Forms, Sites, Drawings, Docs, and other free webtools for creation. Attendees will brainstorm their own applications for digital breakouts and, if they have a device with them, start creating one.

Topic Area(s): Gamification


Wendy Wolfe has an MA in Educational Technology and Adult Learning, serves as an Academic Technology Coordinator for Breck School, coordinates Concordia University's EdTech MA program, and has taught Social Studies for more than 20 years at Totino-Grace High School. Wendy presents at many conferences and has worked with the Minnesota Historical Society and EMC Publishing on curriculum and digital teaching resources.