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Putting the Q in OER

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

As the support for adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) continues to grow, consideration for the importance of Q or quality as part of the adoption or integration of OER into a course becomes increasingly important. In this session, we will discuss

  • aspects of quality in an open resource that should be considered prior to adoption
  • how to use the Quality Matters standards as a guide for integrating OER into an online or blended course in order to create a learning environment that leads to student success
  • describe the importance of considering quality in the adoption of OER
  • identify several quality considerations when choosing OER.
  • explain several best practices for integrating OER into an online or blended course, using the Quality Matters standards as a guide.

Topic Area(s): Online & Hybrid Learning; Open Education Resources; Quality Design in Teaching


Elizabeth McMahon is Co-coordinator of the Minnesota Online Quality Initiative and faculty at Northland Community and Technical College. With more than 20 years of teaching and instructional design experience with online and blended courses, she regularly facilitates workshops and webinars for faculty that focus on best practices for online teaching, course design, and integration of academic technology.