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Reading for Meaning with Read Naturally Live

30 minutes
Exhibitor Showcase Session

Read Naturally combines three research-based strategies (teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring) into one powerful strategy that has accelerated the reading development of Title I, special education, ELL, and mainstream students nationwide for over 20 years. Read Naturally supports vocabulary development and promotes comprehension as students work through each step of the strategy, using nonfiction stories to improve reading fluency. Educators can easily differentiate instruction to meet a wide range of instructional needs by individually placing each student at an appropriate level and goal. The presentation includes an explanation of the role fluency plays in overall reading proficiency and the research-based strategies to develop fluency in beginning and struggling readers. For this presentation, the Read Naturally strategy is demonstrated using Read Live, Read Naturally’s web-based software, but the three strategies of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring can be applied to materials already found in many educators’ classrooms. The strategy was originally piloted in Minneapolis Public Schools, and studies confirm the effectiveness of this approach to reading intervention. Learn how three research-based strategies have been developed into a series of steps that improve fluency, support vocabulary, and promote comprehension in developing readers—and learn why each step is critical to achieve maximum results. Learn how Read Naturally’s research-proven strategy has significantly accelerated the reading achievement of Title I, special education, ELL, and mainstream students nationwide for over 20 years. Experience the strategy by walking through the steps using the web-based software, Read Live.

Topic Area(s): Adaptive & Personalized Learning, Digital Learning Resources, Student Success


Ben Weiser is a senior solutions manager at Read Naturally. Ben has been involved in product development, consulting, and training for over 20 years. He is a highly rated presenter at conferences in North America and Europe.