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Recipes for Effective Online Teaching: Curated Videos Plus Activities

45 minutes
Strategies for Administering Online Programs
Practices for Student Success
Higher Education
Academic Transformations
Oral Presentation

Research shows us that recording hours of video lectures for online or flipped classes is an ineffective online teaching resource. Studies show that students aren't watching them. Faculty effort, technical staff, and captioning are expensive. What are effective options? This presentation will highlight key research on the types of videos faculty should be creating. It will identify strategies faculty can use to create focused video presentations and the support services needed. It will provide suggestions for activities prior to, during, and after watching course videos, that ensure greater student engagement and deeper learning. During this session presenters will outline research showing that the most effective video lecture is short: between 3 to 15 minutes long; that creating lectures which are informal, lively yet well scripted and clearly audible are key to engaging students. Examples will be provided of effective video lecture design strategies for curating content, such as segmenting content, weeding out unnecessary content, and using visual and verbal cues to enhance cognition. Finally, we will review activities that help students digest video lecture content critically from within the context of lesson, module or learning objectives.


Susan Tade, University of Minnesota; Nima Salehi, School of Nursing, University of Minnesota