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Teach From the Heart: Digital Style - Using Social Media to Create Digital Culture in a 1:1 MacBook Air High School

60 minutes

If students had the option to attend any class they wanted—not just the class they had to attend—would your room be empty or would it be full of students? Find out how an English teacher and a Physical Education teacher use social media in their 1:1 high school to spread their message of passion and positivity. With over 50 years of teaching experience between us, we have always sought to teach from the heart. That is a phrase we have referenced in our classes for years. It means that we treat our students like they were our own kids. Sometimes that means tough love, sometimes that means calling home to Mom and Dad, sometimes that means giving them a hug and saying I'm so proud of you, sometimes that means answering a text on an assignment at 11:30 at night because the student has to work six hours after school each day, sometimes that means a fist bump, sometimes that means bringing extra food to keep in our desks because students can't focus when they haven't eaten yet, but teaching from the heart ALWAYS means letting students know how much we care. While many educators are hesitant to even mention the dreaded words "social media," especially when it comes to using it to connect with and interact with students, we embrace it as an essential part of our classrooms, hence the final part of our title digital style. Our presentation will feature a very engaging slideshow that highlights exactly what we do every day in our classes to develop a culture that is second to none. We will show you exactly how we tailor each social media platform to our respective classes so that we connect with both students and their parents. By doing this, we firmly believe that if students could attend any class they wanted, not just the class they had to attend, we would have a room full of students every time. You can too. Find out how to teach from the heart, digital style!

Objectives: There are three important things to illustrate to students when it comes to establishing digital culture in your classroom: first, show students that what they learn in class is knowledge that we (and former students) actually use in the world beyond school; second, show students that what they learn in our classes will help them, often in unexpected ways; and third, show students that our classes (and what they learn in our classes) will exceed their expectations.

Topic Area(s): Adaptive & Personalized Learning; Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies; Student Success


I am happily married to the most amazing person in the world, Kristie (she also happens to be the smartest, funniest, and hardest working person I have ever met). I am also blessed with four amazing kids: Casey, KoKo, Kenzie, and Cash. When I am not with them, I am teaching high school English, which just so happens to be the greatest job on earth.