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Tech Support for Faculty: Improving Outcomes and Reducing Failure to Act

45 minutes
Effective Faculty/Professional Development Programs
Competencies of an Educational Technologist
Higher Education

When it comes to faculty using new technology or old technology in new ways, what are the best ways? Do you teach them to fish or give them fish? Do you push best practices and pedagogy all the time? Do you discourage any uses that are less effective for student learning? Do you meet them where they are?Do you encourage trying out emerging technologies? Let's explore our beliefs and practices around these questions. Our discussion will begin by sharing examples we have of when our technology support failed and why we think that happened. Then let's see if a new model might better explain these experiences. We will consider implications of the Competency/Creativity Development model, published by Eleanore Burns and discussed by M. Aaron Bond and Dale Pike at a recent Eli Encore event. Let's share our opinions, experiences, and use cases to challenge ourselves to be more thoughtful about the type of support we provide and when we provide it.


Kalli Binkowski, College of Biological Sciences, University of Minnesota; Glori Hinck, University of St. Thomas eLearning and Research