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Telling Digital Stories in Any Discipline with Esri Story Maps

45 minutes
Emerging Technologies in the Learning Landscape
Career and Workforce Development
Higher Education
Oral Presentation

Story Maps is an innovative web-application tool that incorporates maps, images, and narrative text to tell compelling and interactive digital stories. Over the last academic year, a team of professional staff, faculty, and graduate students at the University of Minnesota has been promoting the use of Esri Story Maps in classrooms across the College of Liberal Arts. The Story Maps Team has helped instructors design and implement assignments that require students to use Story Maps, rather than write traditional papers. The biggest success of this initiative has been how widely Story Maps has been adopted and used across disciplines. These implementations have included courses in History, Spanish language, Architecture, Journalism and much more. Story Maps has enabled students from these varying perspectives to tell geographically driven stories that can easily be shared with the wider public in a visual form. In this session, we'll show a variety of examples of student work and explore how you can use Story Maps assignments in your class across disciplines. We hope to inspire you to use Story Maps in your own pedagogical settings and point you toward helpful resources.


Shana Crosson, University of Minnesota