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Think Your Way Out of the Problem

45 minutes
Higher Education
Academic Transformations
Oral Presentation

To successfully navigate today's challenges in education, regardless of the level, we need to find a way to create a culture of innovation and collaboration. Using practices that have been effective in business seemed like a good place to start. Design thinking is a process that unites people around collaborative learning and solves a real problem at the same time. Using these Design Thinking Principles, MSUM launched a Think Tank Initiative to help faculty create collaboratively, solve a problem for the university, and potentially join a growing team of innovators who teach design thinking on campus. Attend this session to learn how the Academic Affairs Innovation team, deans, and faculty created Think Tanks, using Design Thinking Principles and the lessons learned along the way. You'll learn from an administrator's perspective, a faculty participant's perspective, and an academic dean's perspective on how and why this worked, some challenges along the way, and how you might try out this process.


Pamela McGee, Denise Gorsline, Joshua Behl, Minnesota State University, Moorhead