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A Typology of Online Pedagogies for the 21st Century

75 minutes
Poster Presentation
Upper-Level Lobby

Online threaded discussions and quizzes are the standbys of interactivity in online teaching and learning, but you may be wondering what other activities you can add to your online teaching repertoire. Novel online pedagogies can expand both instructors' and students' thinking about what is possible in online environments while creating spaces for student to practice 21st-century skills (creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking). This poster defines novelty in the context of online learning and maps pedagogies to existing tools that can be used independent of any particular learning management system. Define and list at least three novel online pedagogies. Describe how novel online pedagogies map to 21st-century skills. List at least one LMS-agnostic tool and explain its application and utility within the framework of novel online teaching and learning.

Topic Area(s): Accessible & Inclusive Technologies; Assessment & Analytics; Career & Workforce Development; Digital Learning Resources; Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies; Online & Hybrid Learning; Social & Collaborative Learning


Ann Fandrey, an academic technologist in University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts, teaches in College of Education and Human Development and College of Continuing and Professional Studies. Her areas of expertise include graphic and information design, course website usability, online course design, accessible digital communication, visual communication, and digital and visual literacies.