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UMN Health Sciences' Classroom Recording Student Survey Results

30 minutes
Higher Education
Evaluation of Technology-Based Innovations for Learning Effectiveness
Accessibility and Universal/Inclusive Design
Poster Presentation

Results from the 2019 UMN Health Sciences student survey on classroom recording will be summarized in this poster session with nearly 600 participants from CAHP, Dentistry, Medical School, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. Survey questions inquired about students' reasons for viewing recorded lectures, the speed at which they preview recordings (<1x), and which classroom recording features are most important to them. A few fun facts: Over 500 students reported they watch recordings directly from their laptop rather than downloading or watching from mobile devices. Topic difficulty was the primary reason for viewing recorded lectures, followed by presenter's presentation style, personal well-being, and optional attendance policies. Overwhelmingly, student response was to have access to recordings within four hours. Through write-in responses, students described how they could use or benefit from closed captioning (when implemented). Health Sciences Technology and Classroom Services will use this data to help make purchases, which helps us better understand their study habits and needs, especially as we consider upcoming purchasing decisions for the new Health Sciences Education Center. The majority responded saying it's when they miss due to sickness or other obligations, followed by needing to rewatch a segment of a lecture they attended in person and to reinforce knowledge of a particular topic.


Peg Sherven, University of Minnesota