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Using OER Learning Circles as a Support System for Faculty to Engage in Open Pedagogy in Student/Instructor Authoring of OER Textbooks and Online Courses

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

This presentation will describe the practice of using OER Learning Circles and a Brightspace (D2L) course room as a support system for faculty as they engage in (OER) review, adoption, course redesign, and the authoring of new OER materials. Presenters will explain how that support structure has led to the practice of Open Pedagogy, where students author their own OER textbooks and create their own interactive online (D2L) learning environment that also serves as a repository for their authored materials. Presenters will discuss the benefits of the reciprocal learning/teaching process involved and the educational benefits to both students and instructor. Attendees will leave with:
1. Ideas for creating their own OER Learning Circles and for using Open Pedagogy in their own courses/lessons.
2. Ideas on how to use Open Pedagogy to include learners in creating course content.
3. An example of how one instructor used Open Pedagogy to promote academic and personal growth for both her and her students.

Topic Area(s): Effective Teaching Practices; Online & Hybrid Learning; Open Education Resources; Quality Design in Teaching; Other


Karen Pikula holds a doctorate degree from Capella University in Educational Psychology. She is a psychology instructor at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, Minnesota, and serves as the OER Coordinator for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Her professional interests include instructional design, faculty development, student-centered learning, open educational resources, and open pedagogy.