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What Makes a Question Effective?

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

We answer the question we are asked. Asking good questions improves instructor/student communications and designing successful discussions begin by drafting good questions. Many of us are looking for ways to improve online discussion activities: let's start with the questions we ask. Through a presentation and a facilitated discussion, we will explore how to get the type of responses we are looking for by looking at what makes a question effective. Examine what makes a question effective. Explore methods for drafting effective questions. Discuss the impact using effective questioning has in online discussions. 

Topic Area(s): Effective Teaching Practices; Online & Hybrid Learning


Treden Wagoner, Instructional Designer, has an MA in Education and over 20 years' teaching experience. He has specialized in education technology since 2002. As an instructional designer, Treden works with CEHD instructors to develop effective course sites and the integration of technology for teaching and learning. His interest in asking good questions began when he was an art museum educator.