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From Field Sensors to Actionable Insights

Authors: Miles Corcoran, Dan Penczak, Ott HydroMet

Abstract: No matter what stage you are currently in, whether you are just starting a network or managing a large network with multiple water data sources, we have seen how crucial reliable, accurate data is for making key decisions in your day-to-day life. In this live event, our experts will walk through three different customer scenarios, each with unique challenges to showcase how data can solve a variety of complex hydrology problems. We have seen first-hand how it is not enough to collect data from your hardware/sensors but also to reliably provide context to the data to make it dependable, insightful and obtain an ROI on your hardware investment. Attend to learn how data can meet many different needs, from defensibility to holistic understanding to sharing with stakeholders, in order to provide the right insights at the right time.