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Nondegree/Guest Students

  • Eligibility: Need not be admitted to a U of M program 
  • Registration Opens: Apr. 30 for fall 2021 | Dec. 4 for spring 2021 | March 4 for summer 2021
  • Term Start Dates: Fall 2021 - Sept. 7; Spring 2021 - Jan. 18; Summer 2021 - May 17
  • Questions? Email us at ccapsinfo@umn.edu.


We welcome nondegree (or guest) students who are looking to fulfill a prerequisite, a requirement, or just want to sample a course.

You are considered a nondegree student if you are not formally admitted to a U of M degree or credit certificate program. This includes students who may be:

  • admitted to the U of M in a future semester
  • seeking a degree at another institution
  • taking an academic course for enrichment

Ready to get started?

Please note: International students should check visa eligibility requirements prior to enrolling in a course.

1. Find a Course

You can enroll in a University of Minnesota course as long as you meet the prerequisites. We offer online, evening, and daytime courses.

  1. Go to the University of Minnesota Schedule Builder. (Schedule Builder is only a tool to help you find courses; it is not a registration method.)
  2. Select a campus and the term you're interested in from the pull-down menus.
  3. Hit Search.
  4. Select additional criteria based on what type of course you are looking for.
  5. Hit Search again.

You can find course descriptions in the University catalog.

Now that you've found the course you'd like to take, you'll want to activate your account.

2. Activate Your Account

The following steps apply to undergraduate-level courses only. If you would like to take a graduate-level course for credit, visit the One Stop web page for nondegree/guest students.

  1. Create a student account. In order to register for an undergraduate U of M course, you'll need to create a student account. Simply fill out this form and allow up to three (3) business days for your record to be activated. University staff will then send you a student ID number, which you'll use for the next step.
  2. Next, initiate your Internet ID. Your Internet ID is different than your student ID number. Your Internet ID gives you access to the University’s online systems, including email and the student portal where you can register and pay your bill.

These steps are also outlined on the One Stop web page for nondegree/guest students.

3. Register for a Course

Follow the registration steps outlined on One Stop for taking:

For additional registration tips, read One Stop's how-to registration guide.


Nondegree students are charged on a per credit basis for both undergraduate and graduate courses, regardless of college of enrollment. Read full tuition details.

Please note that there may be additional course fees depending on your course enrollment.

Financial Aid

Nondegree students are not typically eligible for federal financial aid. However, students taking specific prerequisites required for admission to a degree program may be eligible for federal loans and can look into the prerequisite course work certification form.

Find out more about your options.

Billing and Payment

Your bill will be ready to view two business days after you register. You can view and pay your bill through MyU.

Nondegree students are required to pay all tuition and fees by the University’s first payment date for the current term. If you miss your payment, your registration for the current term may be canceled.

If you are canceled from a class(es) for nonpayment, contact One Stop Student Services to re-register. 

Senior Citizen Education Program

If you are a Minnesota resident aged 62 or older, you can enroll in courses at the University for reduced costs, either to audit or earn college credit (you may be eligible at age 60 if you have a railroad retirement annuity).

Find out more about SCEP.

Student Resources

Contact Information

Phone Hours: 8 a.m.−4:30 p.m. Monday−Friday

Call: 612-624-4000 or 800-234-6564

Email: ccapsinfo@umn.edu