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Online Credit Courses

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  • 2021-22 Term Start Dates: Fall − Sept. 7; Spring − Jan. 18; Summer − May 16 or June 6
  • Eligibility: You don't have to be admitted to the U of M to take a course!

Join a community of motivated and independent learners who want to earn University of Minnesota credit through convenient online courses. 

You can complete course credits you need for your degree or certificate or explore topics of interest without being admitted to a U of M program.

Most courses follow the same term timeline as campus-based courses and generally feature weekly assignments.


Listed below are courses offered through CCAPS. For online courses system-wide, see online.umn.edu.

Partially v. Primarily v. Fully Online

Partially online or hybrid: A course that blends online and face-to-face delivery and has more than three face-to-face class sessions. When viewing course information, the section number will be 101.

Primarily online: A course where students are required to come to a physical location one to three times during a term. When viewing course information, the section number will be 201.

Fully online: Students will not be required to come to campus but may need to take an exam at a qualified exam site. When viewing course information, the section number will be 301.


Registration Instructions

Registration Opens

Term Admitted Students Students Not Admitted 
Fall 2021 April 12 April 30
Spring 2022 November 9 December 3
Summer 2022 February 24 March 2

Registrations are generally accepted for open courses until a few days after the start of the term. See the U's academic calendar for details.

Special Instructions


The amount you will pay for your online course will depend on the course level and any associated fees.

For 2021−22:

  • Undergraduate tuition: $520.50 per credit. See full tuition details.
  • Graduate tuition: Varies by program of admission and residency. See full tuition details.
  • Other costs: $27.00 per credit online fee + college fee + textbooks

Visit the One Stop website for complete course, college, and any additional fee information.


When your billing statement is ready, you'll receive an email (at your University email account). Your billing shows all charges (tuition, fees, bookstore, etc.) to your Student Account and due dates.

Payment questions? More details are available on the One Stop site or by contacting One Stop.


To cancel a course, first check the cancel/add deadlines One Stop page to understand the impact (on refunds and transcripts) of your cancellation. You can cancel a course through your MyU account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check with your college (or prospective college) advisor to verify that a course meets the specific requirements of your program or degree. Prospective U of M undergraduate students can contact Admissions.

Yes, for a select number of degrees. Visit University of Minnesota Online for details.

Access your account after you register for details. Check it regularly for updates.

For term-based courses, yes. Visit the College's Financial Aid page for details. Extended-term courses are not eligible.

Cancel your registration officially to avoid receiving a grade of F or N. The conditions of your cancellation depend on how much time has expired since the start of your course term. See the One Stop Drop a Class page for more information. If you wish to complete the course work but won't be able to do so during your term, you must contact your instructor before the term ends to request an incomplete. Your instructor, however, may or may not agree to an incomplete. If the instructor denies your request for an incomplete, the course will appear on your U of M transcript with a grade of F or N.

Yes, see the One Stop Senior Citizen Education Program page for more details.


Yes. Whether you wish to register as a degree or nondegree student, contact International Student and Scholar Services for details.