Online Credit Course Exams

The following instructions are for students taking ODL courses via the U of M Twin Cities campus only. 

Schedule Exam at Saint Paul Exam Center

Does your course require one or more in-person supervised (proctored) exams? Reserve a space at 1 p.m. Wednesdays−Fridays or 10 a.m. Saturdays (subject to adjustment) at the College's Exam Center (20 Ruttan Hall).

Please note: During summer 2018, the St. Paul exam room is open only June 11-16, July 16-21, and August 20-25 (hours will remain the same). 

Since space is limited, please plan out your exam dates when the semester begins and reserve in advance.

Schedule Exam at Another Location

If you need to take an exam at a location other than the Saint Paul Exam Center, one to two weeks (allow additional time if outside the US) before your desired exam date:

  1. Locate a qualified exam site and proctor and make an appointment with the proctor.
  2. Request that your exam materials be sent to the proctor (button below).
  3. Pay any testing fee the proctor may charge.

Qualified Proctors

  • U campus testing office: Crookston: 218-281-8554 or 8557 (fall and spring); 218-281-8681 (summer); Duluth: 218-726-6130; Morris: 320-589-6060 or 800-842-0030; Rochester: 507-258-8022.
  • The online/distance learning department of any member institution of the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA).
  • The online/distance learning or continuing education department at any accredited two- or four-year college or university.
  • Any member institution of the National College Testing Association
  • Administrative staff or tenured faculty members at an accredited two- or four-year college or university. Library staff, athletic department staff, teaching assistants, graduate students, adjunct faculty, and laboratory assistants are not considered acceptable proctors.
  • A high school superintendent, principal, or guidance counselor. High school teachers and all athletic and K-8 staff are not considered acceptable proctors.
  • A private testing center such as Sylvan, Kaplan, Prometric, etc.
  • For military students, a commissioned officer (with a higher rank than you) or a noncommissioned officer E-8 or above. You must provide proctor's rank, title, and unit.
  • A corporate education director or human resources director.

No relative, coach, supervisor/employer, or roommate may proctor an exam. Exams may not be proctored in libraries. The College reserves the right to reject a proctor.

Schedule Exam at the Disability Resource Center

If you receive disability accommodations through the University of Minnesota's Disability Resource Center, please follow these two steps:

  1. Submit the Disability Resource Center Exam Request form.
  2. Schedule your exam date directly with the Disability Resource Testing Center.

Prepare for Exam

After you've completed assignments, reviewed instructor comments, and scheduled your exam, arrive 15 minutes early with your section number (B03, 301, etc.) in hand and exam restrictions from your course website in mind.

Bring picture identification and a submission form (this will be returned to you with your score; the exam itself is kept on file for nine months) to the appointment.