Dr Hannele Zubeck
Professor Emerita of Civil Engineering
University of Alaska Anchorage

Dr. Hannele Zubeck is a registered professional engineer in the State of Alaska. She has been involved in cold regions engineering since 1985 as a consulting and research engineer in the United States and internationally. Dr. Zubeck was part of the civil engineering faculty at the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1995 to 2019 and served as a chair/coordinator for the Arctic Engineering Program for 19 years. Her technical writings have been published in the ASCE's Cold Regions Engineering Journal, Transportation Research Record, International Journal of Pavement Engineering, and in several conference proceedings. She coauthored a book on Cold Regions Pavement Engineering.

Dr. Zubeck is the secretary and past chair of the ASTM International D18.19 Frozen Soil and Rock committee. She serves on the ASCE's Cold Regions Engineering Division and on the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Seasonal Climatic Effects on Transportation Infrastructure. She is a co-editor for Cold Regions Science and Technology by Elsevier.