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COVID-19 Update: The University of Minnesota will offer online, or alternative, instruction through the end of summer term 2020. Read CCAPS's operational updates or visit the Safe Campus website for the University's operational updates.

Professional Development Online Courses FAQ

Online Courses − What To Expect

Many of our professional development courses are now available in an online format, as a response to the suspension of in-person instruction. Virtual options for courses that were previously held on campus will be synchronous, instructor-led sessions.
What do online classes look like?
Classes will be taught using the University of Minnesota virtual conferencing tool, Zoom. Just like our classroom-based courses, you will have the ability to learn from your fellow classmates and share your experience. Sessions will be highly interactive with a mixture of lecture, small and large group activities, polls, and discussion. 
How will I receive course information?
One week before your course, a welcome email with basic information will be sent out to you. One day before your course, a reminder email containing your course materials and zoom link will be sent to you.
How do I use my course materials?
This depends on the class, but usually materials are PDFs, because PDFs are able to be accessed by nearly everyone regardless of their operating system or software!
The course materials may be "read only" or may give you the ability to interact with them using your PDF viewer.
Can I use my tablet or mobile device?
Yes, but we do not recommend it. Mobile devices and tablets have limitations that impede your ability to fully participate. To ensure you have the best experience possible, we strongly recommend using a desktop or laptop computer. 
Does my internet speed matter?
It does! Your internet bandwidth can have an impact on your class experience. Slow connections result in major video delays, sound cutting in and out, a lost connection that results in being disconnected from your meeting, and so on. 
Zoom recommends a minimum bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps/1.5 Mbps (up or down). Go here to see if your internet connection makes the cut, or read more about Zoom’s system requirements.
Will accommodations be available for virtual courses?
Absolutely! If you have a disability and need accommodations, contact the UMN Disability Resource Center (drc@umn.edu). To ensure you receive the best service, please contact them at least 10 days in advance.