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About the Webinar

Every day we hear news about the impact of disrespect and harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, the remedy for may leaders has been to promote “compliant respect”—avoiding disrespect in compliance of rules—as opposed to “proactive respect.”

Proactive respect means not only eliminating disrespectful behavior, but actively demonstrating respect to everyone every day. Too many leaders underestimate the power of consistent positive feedback and encouragement, which lets people know they are valued as much for who they are as for what they do. Proactive respect stimulates innovation, productivity, and employee loyalty.

In This Session We Will Explore

  • how respect will encourage your employees to be receptive to your direction and leadership
  • how proactively respecting others can empower them to step up as leaders themselves
  • simple leadership behaviors you can use in every interaction that increase respect, empower others, and build true commitment.

Meet Your Instructor

Stephanie McGovern, MA, applies skills and strategies in her work that have proven effective during 20 successful years at Honeywell, Alliant Techsystems, and Cummins Power Generation. McGovern’s arsenal of skills include developing leaders; coaching; facilitating small and large group meetings; creating and maintaining high performing teams; conducting needs assessments; designing curriculum; and delivering training. She also has experience building employee ownership and commitment to organizational goals, and managing a department during times of rapid change.  

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