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Neon sign: 3 Myths Killing Agile Adoption
  • Date: August 8, Noon–1:00 p.m.
  • Cost: Free
  • Location: Online right here!

Three Myths Killing Your Agile Adoption

Many believe Agile approaches are a passing fad: if they wait for a bit a new approach be all the rage. It has now been over 20 years since Scrum was introduced, which is the most popular Agile method for project management. Not only isn't it a passing fad, it has moved into the mainstream—beyond software development applications. Organizations can no longer afford to avoid learning about Agile and what it could mean to the future of their business.

Well-intentioned leaders need to do more than simply decree “we’re going Agile!” Adopting a new way to do work will require more than changes to everyone’s vocabulary. This webinar will provide you with insights and tips to avoid falling into common pitfalls that could impede your Agile adoption and get you back on track.

In This Session We Will Explore

  • The top three reasons Agile adoption struggles
  • What is meant by “Agile” and which of the frameworks is right for your work
  • The importance of leadership to set the tone and strategic goal for adopting Agile. 
  • Understanding the possible impact of making this kind of organizational change

Rand Eaton, CSP® (Certified Scrum Professional) and KMP® (Kanban Management Professional), has 24+ years of IT experience and is part of the Collaborative Leadership Team, experts on the implementation and scaling of Agile in organizations. 

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