Radon Courses By Date

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Courses and exams are listed here chronologically. If you prefer to see a listing of courses by state, go here.

2017-2018 Dates Course
September 18-19 Measurement (OH)
September 20 Measurement Exam (OH)
September 20-23 Mitigation (OH)
September 23 Mitigation Exam (OH)
September 18-19 Measurement (MN)
September 20 Measurement Exam (MN)
September 20-23 Mitigation (MN)
September 23 Mitigation Exam (MN)
October 16-17 Measurement (IA)
October 18 Measurement Exam (IA)
October 23-27 Mitigation (IA)
October 26 Hands-on Mitigation (IA)
October 27 Mitigation Exam (IA)
November 1-2 Measurement (IN)
November 3 Measurement Exam (IN)
November 13-14 Measurement (WI)
November 15 Measurement Exam (WI)
November 15-18 Mitigation (WI)
November 18 Mitigation Exam (WI)
December 11-12 Measurement (MN)
December 13 Measurement Exam (MN)
December 13-16 Mitigation (MN)
December 16 Mitigation Exam (MN)
December 11-12 Measurement (OH)
December 13 Measurement Exam (OH)
December 13-16 Mitigation (OH)
December 16 Mitigation Exam (OH)
February 5-6 Measurement (OH)
February 7 Measurement Exam (OH)
February 7-10 Mitigation (OH)
February 10 Mitigation Exam (OH)
February 20-22 Chemical Vapor Intrusion (MN)
March 5-6 Measurement (MN)
March 7 Measurement Exam (MN)
March 7-10 Mitigation (MN)
March 10 Mitigation Exam (MN)
March 12-13 Measurement (WI)
March 14 Measurement Exam (WI)
March 14-17 Mitigation (WI)
March 17 Mitigation Exam (WI)
April 10-11 Measurement (IA)
April 12 Measurement Exam (IA)
April 11-12 Measurement (IN)
April 13 Measurement Exam (IN)
April 16-20 Mitigation (IA)
April 19 Hands-on Mitigation (IA)
April 20 Mitigation Exam (IA)
April 30-May 1 Measurement (MN)
May 2 Measurement Exam (MN)
May 2-5 Mitigation (MN)
May 5 Mitigation Exam (MN)
May 14-15 Measurement (OH)
May 16 Measurement Exam (OH)
May 16-19 Mitigation (OH)
May 19 Mitigation Exam (OH)