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A Chance to Grow and Grow and Grow

Boyd Purdom

Among the many things that can be said about LearningLife, is that the loyalty the program inspires is noteworthy. Participants speak of their experiences with real passion and enthusiasm. They bring up the friends they make, the communities they form, and the opportunities to speak to experts on a wide range of timely topics.

Selfie of Boyd Purdom

Boyd Purdom is a retired professor of St. Cloud State University and a dedicated LearningLife student. For the past thirteen years he’s been attending courses and events that represent the full scope of the program’s portfolio.

He had fine things to say about Timothy Johnson’s recent course, American Democracy in a Changing World: “This course is what LearningLife is about: stimulating the mind and providing an opportunity for growth.” High praise from an educator!

“I have been in classrooms most of my life: as a student, an elementary school principal, and a university professor,” Purdom says. “I was fortunate to receive several awards at St. Cloud State (SCSU), including teacher of the year from the Student Assembly and Honors Program.” Indeed, SCSU created the Dr. Boyd A. Purdom Award for Outstanding Teaching to commemorate his accomplishments. “I have found the classroom to be an environment that can feed and enrich the mind. It provides an opportunity to learn from others, especially when minds are open and willing to explore ideas.”

LearningLife, then, is yet another classroom in Purdom’s  eyes. “Taking courses has taught me as much about myself as about the content of the courses,” he says. “I’ve had a variety of opportunities to explore how I came to believe things I now challenge. … I have also learned from the knowledge and passion of those teaching LearningLife courses, how important the learning process is to the full development of students.”

And this isn’t learning in a vacuum for Purdom, either: he believes the value of learning is a duty to community. “When I share my educational experiences with others, letting them know what I have learned and what might enrich their lives, they respond with enthusiasm by wanting to know more.”

Published on May 20, 2019