Message from a CCAPS Donor

Give to the Max Day

Faculty Member, Peter Hilger

This year for Give to the Max Day, each gift given to CCAPS will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000 to support student scholarships. This match comes from CCAPS faculty member Peter Hilger. We asked him to share a few thoughts about why he gives. 

Peter Hilger

I work hard now, and have always worked hard, even when I was in school in the 1970s. I put myself through many of my years in school, and I don't recall having to take out a loan during those years. I didn't have the benefit of a scholarship, either.

I give now because our students also work hard. Many of them have day jobs and go to school at night. But it just costs so much more to attend school these days. Because my hard work has paid off, I give to support those that will follow me. They need the help now more than ever.  

If your hard work has paid off, join me in supporting our present crop of seeds so that they may grow, flourish, and sprout to replace us.
— Peter Hilger