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Model Student

Maggie Skoy

Some people have a passion for learning: Maggie Skoy has a passion for LearningLife.

Portrait of Maggie Skoy

Maggie has been attending LearningLife courses for more than two years, and her enthusiasm for the program's courses continues to grow. It started when a neighbor passed along a LearningLife catalog to Maggie's sister. Leafing through it, Maggie came across a course taught by professor emerita Toni McNaron, who'd made a significant impression on Maggie during her English major coursework. She says: "I could not believe my good luck in reconnecting with this wise, courageous, humorous, and articulate scholar. . . It has been and is a great pleasure to be in discussions with the instructors and students who come from all different walks of life and experience. Because of these outstanding scholars, scientists, and students, there is always a vibrancy that is palpable in each and every class."

Now a retired nurse, Maggie satiates her curiosity about the world through LearningLife courses. She's also spreading her LearningLife enthusiasm by distributing catalogs to her friends and family, as well as to those at her health clubs! (Yes. That's health clubs, plural. Active body, active mind!)

What does she love so much about the program? "LearningLife offers opportunities to engage with our own renowned University of Minnesota scholars, researchers, and scientists," she asserts. "It offers the opportunity to be with and become friends with students who possess a desire to learn. It offers an individual an opportunity to be enlightened on a given subject. Finally, it offers the opportunity to feel, once again, the excitement that one felt as a young college student. Invaluable!"

"We have one precious life," she says. "Living well, to me, means staying engaged and excited about life and continuing to learn what it is to be a human being in this wild, frustrating, but wonderful world."

Of course, LearningLife is grateful for all of its students, and we're excited about what we do. Please join us--and, in all likelihood, Maggie--for another deliciously thought-provoking year!