The Rebirth of the Bell

The sunset is reflected in the glass exterior of the Bell Museum resized

The Bell Museum has migrated from Minneapolis to its state-of-the-art digs on the Saint Paul campus.

The Rebirth of the Bell

Bull moose in a Bell Museum diorama
Moose diorama

We’ve got new neighbors on the Saint Paul campus! The Bell Museum—formerly the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History—has completed its move into a beautiful new space, built with locally sourced materials and designed with sustainability in mind.

There’s so much to see and do in the modern incarnation of this 146-year-old institution. Stroll past the famous dioramas depicting a variety of Minnesota landscapes and their native flora and fauna, such as grouse in a tallgrass prairie and swallow-tailed kites on a Mississippi River bluff. Trace the constellations in the planetarium, which uses the latest in digital technology. Examine hundreds of animal specimens in the Touch and See Lab, a new museum feature.

Read more about the new Bell Museum on the U of M website or the museum website.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Bell Museum!