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Show Me a Hero and I Will Write You a Tragedy

The St. Paul Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Dave Page

Dave Page is a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, you might say.

He is coauthor of F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota, coeditor of The St. Paul Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and sole editor of The Thoughtbook of F. Scott Fitzgerald. "Actually," he adds when presented with this, "I also co-wrote, with the late John Koblas, F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota: Toward the Summit, which was a Minnesota Book Award finalist, and was contributing editor to Cambridge University Press's Last Kiss. I am currently working on two more books about Fitzgerald."

Beyond his extensive research about Fitzgerald, Page travels frequently to talk about his work. As a board member of Fitzgerald in Saint Paul, a nonprofit founded by the late Richard McDermott, Page helps to promote Fitzgerald in his hometown through a monthly program at the University Club (Fitz First at Four), among other activities. "Our group sponsored the 2017 International Fitzgerald Conference in Saint Paul. ... I have presented International Fitzgerald Society conferences in Paris (where I was a featured speaker) and in Lyon, France, as well as through various literary conferences around the US in places like Montgomery, Alabama and New York City. I co-chaired the 2002 International Conference in Saint Paul, the only city to host the conference twice."

"Yes, if Fitzgerald were alive I'd be labeled as a stalker, but I'm also Irish Catholic (like Fitzgerald) so have enough in common to provide me with a little legitimacy."

What is it that drives Page to study so assiduously the American fiction writer who passed away nearly 80 years ago? "For years, I've been curious about the creation of memorable fiction, and have taken advantage of my residence in and around Saint Paul to do extensive research into what inspired Fitzgerald's works as well as what real-life events and places found their way into his fiction."

Surely, if you wanted to do a deep dive into the literary craft and evolution of F. Scott Fitzgerald, you could hardly do better than to join LearningLife and renowned hometown scholar Dave Page for The St. Paul Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (begins November 28).

Photo: Jeff Krueger

Illustration: Gordon Bryant

Published on October 31, 2018