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Video: Health Service Management Internship Program


The HSM internship allows our students to apply what they learn in the classroom in the real world. Not only is this an important graduation requirement, but it's mutually beneficial for the employer and the students.

Tania Daniels, Vice President: Hello! I'm Tania Daniels, vice president for quality and patient safety at the Minnesota Hospital Association, I'm also one of the HSM instructors for HSM for 4301 Quality and Patient Safety Management. Through the internship students take on the following seven things. One: demonstrates real-time problem-solving and business skills in a health care-related environment. 

Abby Skoyen, HSM Graduate: I interned at Augustana Chapel View. They're a skilled nursing facility located in Hopkins, Minnesota.

Tania: Two: interact with and observe the role, function, and style of top management.

Abby: So I shadowed the administrator, HR, Environmental Services, Dietary, got to try out their role and do what they do.

Tania: Three: apply coursework learned from HSM classes and experience an environment for application and testing of skills, theories, and concepts presented during the academic year.

Abby: You are able to apply the concepts that you learn in the classroom in a real-world setting.

Tania: Four, enhance your resume with industry-specific experience, and make potential future employment contacts

Abby: When you graduate you already have relevant work experience in the field that you can apply and also talk about in your interviews. 

Tania: Five, contribute skills and expertise in the health services-related field to an employer and to the industry as a whole. 

Tania: Six, exhibit effective communication and interpersonal skills both at the work site and in a presentation.

Abby: I also learn how to professionally communicate which is really important in a real-world situation.

Tania: And seven, provide the employer opportunity to evaluate the student for professional development and potential for finding a specific area and career.

Abby: I was hired on at the end of the summer since they thought I did a nice job. The challenge project that I chose to work on was enhancing the resident dining experience. So, I got to take parting process management, auditing the meal flow at the facility, customer satisfaction, and making sure that the project was also fiscally viable. Some of the big takeaways from my internship were increasing my confidence, my leadership skills, and responsibilities. Another thing that I learned was just knowing that I can make a difference in people's lives through health care.