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VIDEO: What Is Facility Management?


Peter Hilger, Faculty Director: So if you're wondering what exactly is facility management and what the facility manager does, let me help you with that. A facility manager hires contractors, hires architects, hires people to manage the built environment for its owner.

Think of a building as an income generator: you're responsible as a facility manager for making sure that you minimize the amount of energy being used, that you maximize the productivity of its occupants, that you're responsible for everything that goes on within that building from an operational perspective. That's what you're responsible for. You generate savings in the operation of the facility that translates directly to the bottom line. So, on any given day, you could find yourself toiling around in the boiler room or actually making some committed pitches in the boardroom. There's a lot of variety. If you have any questions about it, come talk to me.

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