W2W - Ron Sheffield Memorial Student Poster Competition

  • Poster Proposal Submission Deadline: Closed

Student Poster Competition


The competition will recognize students who conduct quality applied research or Extension education related to livestock and poultry environmental management and give members the opportunity to participate in an excellent professional improvement event.  


Graduate and undergraduate students who are enrolled in the spring of 2019 or have graduated within six months of the conference are eligible.


Winning participants will be recognized at the LPE Learning Center Waste to Worth meeting and receive certificates and cash awards.

First Place: $500
Second place: $250
Third Place: $100

Recipient must attend LPE Learning Center Waste to Worth Meeting to receive award. 

Proposal Guidelines and Poster Requirements


Proposals should be of original or innovative research, extension/outreach, or educational programs. This is an excellent opportunity to build your dossier.

  1. The maximum dimensions for posters are 42" x 42". Vertical or horizontal orientations are welcome. Fasteners (e.g. tacks, pins) will be provided by the conference committee. Posters should be removed at the conclusion of the poster session. Poster presenters are expected to be available during the poster session to share their work. 
  2. Make your summary clear and concise, as it will be used to determine fit with the conference and competition goals, and in meeting publication materials.  
  3. Poster may reflect the work of one or more students working together.  
  4. Posters will be judged by a panel of LPE Learning Center members.  
  5. Bring all exhibit materials with you to the LPELC Waste to Worth meeting.
  6. A written Proceedings is required for competitors. The deadline and format for the proceedings will be provided on the conference website.

Poster Requirements

Poster size is 42" x 42". Posters will be judged by a panel of Livestock and Poultry Environment Learning Center members based on the presentation as well as the content. The poster scoring information should be used to guide poster development. Posters should be presented in English or dual units and follow the format given in the judging criteria below. Please keep the presentation of material in “lay" or "common" language. 

Judging Criteria

Scientific/Education Merit (50 points)
  • Hypothesis of need for education program - Does poster effectively describe/illustrate the hypothesis, reasons, or need behind the effort?
  • Sound research or educational practices - Are the research methods and analysis used in this project/study sound and appropriate? Or, are the educational methods used in this project appropriate for the audience?
  • Results and summary - Are the results of this research or educational effort clearly stated? Does the poster present new and innovative information that has merit to the scientific or Extension community? Do the results and summary lead to an understanding of value/important outcomes?
Poster Presentation (30 points)
  • Text, graphics, and color - Uses good combinations of text and graphics to explain the message (presents one to three main points, etc.). Is the poster visually attractive to readers and does it use good color and contrast?
  • Ease of reading - Is the print too small (on graphics or text) to read easily? Are the graphics easy understand or are they confusing, or does it take some effort to interpret? Are the sentences concise and easy to understand?
  • Is the Information on the poster organized and balanced? Is the poster not crowded and has a logical order?
Follows Presentation/Mounting Instructions (10 points)
  • Title, author name(s), affiliations, and address appear on the poster.
  • Compliant size (42" x 42"), required units (English), references, or references available statement, overall professionalism.