A few days after you register for classes using MyCIS, you'll be ready to activate your U of M Internet account and email address. Don't delay! Both of these are essential to your participation in CIS! 

Instructions by Video or Text

It's your choice! Learn how and when to activate your U of M Internet account and email by watching the video or reading the accompanying instructions. Either method will walk you through the process step-by-step.

What Is a U of M Internet Account?

A U of M Internet account, sometimes referred to as an "Internet ID," is assigned automatically to students when they register for CIS classes. The account gives you access to your U of M email address and "MyU," the University's online portal. Your U of M Internet account is essential to your participation in CIS, and in order to use that account, it must be activated.

Activate Your Account in Three Steps

Step 1: Check Your Email

Check your personal email for a message from the University titled “Save This Email: University of Minnesota Account Activation.” This email includes 1) instructions for activating your U of M Internet account and 2) your U of M student ID number, which is needed to activate your account.

Having trouble locating the University email? The University sends this email once and it will arrive a few days after your first CIS class registration.

If your first U of M class was taken in a previous term, you would have received the email at that time. Check your inbox, trash, and spam folders. Be sure you're checking the email account you used to register for classes in MyCIS. This is typically your personal rather than your high school email account.

Step 2: Activate Your Account

Once you have your U of M student ID number, you can activate your account by completing the "Claim Account" form. If you receive an error message, try again, but leave the Social Security number field blank.

If you continue to receive an error message, contact the U of M Technology helpline by emailing [email protected] or calling 612-301-4357. Be sure to identify yourself as a College in the Schools student.

Step 3: Save Your Information

Congratulations! You now have an official U of M Internet ID and email. Your Internet ID is the part of your U of M email that comes before "@umn.edu." Be sure to keep track of your Internet ID. You'll need it whenever you log into MyU at myu.umn.edu.

One final note: The first time you log into your U of M account, you'll be required to set up a two-factor authentication through Duo Security. For instructions, visit the Duo Security website

Have questions? The Enrollment Services team is always happy to help!