If you would like to take a credit course as a nondegree student, connect with the program or department you are interested in taking courses with for registration assistance.

If you have questions about the transferability of courses from the UMN to your home institution, connect with your home institution advisor or the UMN program or department you are interested in taking courses with. 

The College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) can help you register for courses within CCAPS only

What does it mean to be a nondegree student?

If you are not formally admitted to a U of M degree or credit certificate program, you are considered a nondegree student. We welcome nondegree students to fulfill a prerequisite or requirement or just  sample a U of M course.

Ready to get started? See details below on how to find and register for undergraduate-level and graduate-level courses.

Taking a Course as a Nondegree Student

Undergraduate Courses

Are you seeking credits you may want to use toward a bachelor’s program? You’ll need undergraduate-level courses. It’s a good idea to check in with the advisor for your desired major before you register to make sure you are on the right track.

You can find undergraduate classes on Schedule Builder (look for courses with numbers between 1XXX-4XXX). Then follow the registration steps on OneStop.

Please note: International students should check visa eligibility requirements prior to enrolling in a course.

Graduate Courses

For those who already hold a bachelor's or another post-secondary degree, taking a single CCAPS graduate-level course is a great way to decide if that program is right for you. Find out how to take the first step into a CCAPS graduate credential.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply to be a nondegree (guest) student?
No, guest students do not need to apply to the University in order to take classes. For more information on registering as a guest student go to OneStop.

What is a credit course? Will it show on my transcript?
A credit course is a course in which a student earns academic credit that is recorded on an official University of Minnesota transcript. Credits are important because they are figured into your University grade point average (GPA) and are used to determine progress within degree programs.

Who is my advisor?
Unlike students in degree programs, guest students do not have an assigned academic advisor to work with for course selection. Guest students work with OneStop to register for courses.

I’m an international student. Can I take a class as a guest?
International students should connect with the International Student and Scholar Services office to inquire about academic and visa requirements.

When and how can I register?
Nondegree/guest students can register during open enrollment, which is after admitted and degree-seeking students register. Registration instructions can be found on OneStop.

How do I find a course?
Search for classes using the Class Search or Schedule Builder.

What is a prerequisite?
For some courses, you must either complete or concurrently register for certain other courses, possess particular qualifications, or have a certain class standing. These requirements are known as prerequisites or co-requisites.

Can I take prerequisites for a graduate or professional program?
Yes, you can take prerequisite courses in order to prepare to apply to a graduate or professional program. Contact the department for the program you are applying to.

How do I know what prerequisites to take for a health-related professional program?
To get information about courses or programs, contact either the Pre-Health Student Resource Center (PHSRC) or the department that offers the program you are interested in.

What if it says I need permission to take a course?
Some classes may require permission from an instructor or department before you can register. Visit OneStop for information on how to get permission.

Do I need to maintain a certain GPA in credit courses?
All courses taken for credit are calculated into your GPA on your University or Minnesota transcript. If you are admitted into a degree program, your grades earned as a guest student will be calculated into your cumulative GPA. A GPA of 2.0 or higher is required to earn a degree from the University.

What are the different grading options?
Grade basis options vary by course, although most allow you to choose between A–F or S/N ("pass/fail") grading. You may also audit a credit course, which means that you do not receive a grade for the course.

What if I need to drop a class?
Students can withdraw from a class on their own for most of the term, but be aware of deadlines and refund schedules.

Does the University offer noncredit classes?
The University also offers a variety of noncredit courses for professional development and lifelong learning. Registration for these courses is handled through a separate registration process detailed on the programs websites.

How much does it cost to take a class?
Nondegree undergraduate students are charged on a per-credit basis up to 13 credits each term. For more information about costs, visit OneStop.

When and how do I pay?
After you register for a course, you can view your tuition and fee charges in the My Finances section of your MyU portal. There are billing and due dates available for each term. You can find more information about how to pay on OneStop.

Can I get financial aid or scholarships?
Financial aid is typically not available to nondegree students. Financial aid may be available for prerequisite coursework required for admission to a graduate or professional degree program. You’ll need to complete a Prerequisite Coursework Certification form.

What if I want to earn a degree from the U of M?
If your goal is to earn a degree, we encourage you to contact the college or program you are interested in before enrolling in classes as a guest student.

Will the credits taken as a guest student transfer into a degree program?
Acceptance of transfer coursework is up to the program to which you are applying. For course transfer information, visit OneStop.

I used to be a student at the U of M, can I come back to finish my degree? 
If you are seeking readmission after being on inactive status, contact your college office for readmission instructions. CCAPS also offers a pathway to complete your undergraduate degree.

Can I earn a degree or certificate through CCAPS?
Yes! But CCAPS is not a freshman admitting college. You’ll need at least 30 credits for admission. Find out more about transferring to CCAPS. Or browse our undergraduate programs and graduate programs.