Professional Skills Series

CCAPS's free fall 2022 webinar series will focus on applicable skills professionals at all levels can put to work immediately. 

On August 17, Agile program manager Matt Weum will examine behaviors, skills, and thinking that could help project managers take their skills to the next level in "The Art of Project Management."

On September 14, Patricia Izek, the DEI consultant for the U's HR office, will take us through steps to create a workplace where everyone can thrive in "DEI-Focused Retention Strategies."

On October 12, organization development expert Stephanie McGovern will help us get comfortable with the discomfort of conflict and outline behaviors to resolve it in "Navigating Conflict."

Navigating Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of everyone's lives. Moreover, the way people handle conflict, anger, and criticism affects their work relationships and productivity. Many of our habitual patterns of handling conflict were developed early in life and are too limiting for the variety of situations we face today. In other words, our “software” could use some updating with more proactive ways to approach conflict that lead to more productive outcomes.

In this webinar, we started to:

  • get comfortable with the discomfort of conflict.
  • work with instead of against our biological wiring in the midst of conflict.
  • learn ways to diagnose the root cause of conflict.
  • understand the stages of conflict and how to intervene early.
  • outline the seven constructive behaviors that help resolve conflict.
  • look at the eight destructive behaviors that block creative solutions to conflict.

Stephanie McGovern, MA, applies skills and techniques honed over 20 years developing leaders, coaching, and helping create and maintain high-performing teams at leading manufacturing companies. She also has extensive experience in building employee ownership and commitment to organizational goals and with managing a department during times of rapid change.

Presented October 12, 2022.

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DEI-Focused Retention Strategies

There are many challenges to navigate as we begin to identify and remove the biases and barriers to a more diverse workplace. Without a well-thought-out strategy, we may wind up losing the talent we want to retain. If we want to go beyond mere representation and create a workplace that is welcoming and inclusive—where everyone can feel seen, be heard, participate, and thrive—we'll need to take the right steps.
During this webinar explored:

  • the current research around retention. 
  • effective retention steps you can take in your workplace. 
  • how best to support your managers and supervisors in creating an environment that leads to retention.
  • how to create a workplace where all feel welcome, included, and that they belong.

Patricia Izek, MEd., is the equity, diversity, and inclusion consultant in the Office of Human Resources at the University of Minnesota. She presents on DEI for units across the University, including two Equity and Diversity Certificate workshops: Implicit Bias in the Search Process, and Selection Processes and Addressing Implicit Bias and Microaggressions.

Presented on September 14, 2022.

The Art of Project Management

When you think of formal project management training, you may think of hard scientific topics like schedule management, risk management, resource management, and scope management. But what are those more artful elements that successful project managers use that are not taught in traditional settings? The Art of Project Management will examine the behaviors, skills, and thinking that can help anyone who manages projects take their skills to the next level and drive great outcomes for their businesses. Balancing science and art will allow you to successfully navigate your projects and perform at your very best. 

Matthew Weum, PMP, SA, SSM, POPM, is a senior manager of Agile program management at Publicis Sapient, a digital business transformation consulting firm. He specializes in Agile program delivery, team leadership, change management, and risk management.

Presented on August 17, 2022.

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