Stephanie McGovern
High Performance Systems

Stephanie is the owner of High Performance Systems, an organization dedicated to maximizing individual, team, and organizational performance. In her work, Stephanie applies skills and strategies that have proven effective at Honeywell, Alliant Techsystems, and Cummins Power Generation.

For over 20 years, Stephanie has demonstrated her abilities in developing leaders, coaching, facilitating small and large group meetings, creating and maintaining high-performing teams, conducting needs assessments, designing curriculum, and delivering training. She also has experience building employee ownership and commitment to organizational goals and managing a department during times of rapid change.

Stephanie holds a master's degree in industrial relations from the University of Minnesota and has coaching certification through the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. 

Stephanie teaches these courses for the University of Minnesota College of Continuing and Professional Studies:

Stephanie has also presented the professional development webinars Building Resilient Teams and Navigating Conflict.