With unexpected challenges around every turn, the need for teams to be resilient grows more important each day. Yet resilience can be elusive. Simply defined, resilience is the capacity to navigate change and stress in a way that promotes growth instead of burnout. Resilient teams are stronger and capable of taking on more and bigger challenges. So what makes the difference between teams that consistently meet challenges head on versus those that founder?

Grey-haired white man speaks to group of younger colleagues seated around him

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • strategies that facilitate healthy teamwork, especially in the middle of unexpected challenges.
  • how most team leaders unknowingly sabotage teamwork.
  • key characteristics and mindsets of resilient teams.
  • how to unleash creativity and performance in the midst of a rapidly changing environment.

Stephanie McGovern, MA, applies skills and techniques honed over 20 years developing leaders, coaching, and helping create and maintain high-performing teams, among other duties, at leading manufacturing companies. She also has extensive experience in building employee ownership and commitment to organizational goals and with managing a department during times of rapid change.

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