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Long Term Care Management Minor

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  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Credits: 20
  • Tuition$520.50/credit (resident); nonresident tuition varies | Fees

Why Study Long Term Care?

The population is aging rapidly, and employers are looking for leaders who have experience with or an understanding of long term care. By earning the minor and then adding a 1,000-hour practicum (1 credit), students will have the opportunity to become licensed as a nursing home administrator. This license provides a foundation to operate a nursing home, assisted living, or home-and-community-based service. Because 3 of the 7 minor courses are already required for the HSM bachelor’s degree, HSM majors will need only to enroll in 4 specialized HSM electives to earn the minor. Students in other majors will take all 7 HSM courses to earn the minor. Although the practicum is not required for the minor, all students who wish to apply for the license should also enroll in the practicum.

Note: For professional (non-degree-seeking) students, or graduate students seeking a nursing home administrator’s license, we offer stand-alone Long Term Care Administration courses.

Requirements and Courses

Core Requirements

Consult with your advisor about which core classes to take before others.

Course Name Course Number Credits
Dying & Death in Contemporary Society: Implications for Intervention HSM 3040 2
Health Care Finance HSM 4541 3*
Human Resources in Health Care Settings HSM 4531 3*
Health Care Quality and Patient Safety HSM 4301 3*

Gerontology & Geriatrics for Health Services Executives

HSM 4572


Regulatory Management and Law for Health Services Executives

HSM 4573


Management in Assisted Living and Senior Care Settings HSM 4586 3

* Currently required in the core program for an HSM undergraduate degree

Practicum (optional but recommended)

Students who wish to obtain the minor AND qualify for a nursing home administrator license must also complete a 1,000 hour practicum (HSM 4582) for one credit.

Sample Four-Year Plan

This sample plan is for HSM majors enrolled in the Long Term Care Management Minor and includes the practicum.

Fall Semester (15 cr)

  • Microeconomics (APEC 1101 or ECON 1101, 4 cr)
  • Medical Terminology (PHAR 1002, 2 cr)
  • Intro to Public Speaking (COMM 1101, 3 cr)
  • Lower Division Writing Intensive (3 cr)
  • Literature Liberal Education Requirement (3 cr)

Spring Semester (16 cr)

  • Statistics (STAT 3011 or SOC 3811 or PSY 3801, 4 cr)
  • Basic Concepts in Personal and Community Health (PUBH 3004, 4 cr)
  • Freshman Composition (WRIT 1301, 1401, or equiv, 4 cr)
  • Physical Science Liberal Education Requirement w/lab (4 cr)

Fall Semester (16 cr)

  • Accounting (ACCT 2050, 4 cr)
  • Health Care Delivery Systems (HSM 3521, 3 cr) 
  • Biological Sciences LE Requirement w/lab (4 cr)
  • Career Skills in a Professional Health Services Environment (HSM 3051, 2 cr)
  • Lower Division Writing Intensive (3 cr)

Spring Semester (15 cr)

  • Diversity & Social Justice LE Requirement (3 cr)
  • Historical Perspectives LE Requirement (3 cr)
  • Health Care Administration and Management (HSM 4561W, 3 cr)
  • Arts/Humanities LE Requirement (3 cr)
  • Project and Program Management in Health Services Management (HSM 4043, 3 cr)

Fall Semester (14 cr)

  • Recommended Upper Division Writing Intensive: Introduction to Grant Writing for Health Care and Nonprofit Organizations (ABUS 4571W, 3 cr)
  • Human Resources in Health Care Settings (HSM 4531, 3 cr)
  • Health Care Finance (HSM 4541, 3 cr)
  • Dying and Death in Contemporary Society: Implications for Intervention (HSM 3040, 2 cr)
  • Long Term Care Regulatory Management and Law (HSM 4573, 3 cr)

Spring Semester (15 cr)

  • Technology & Society LE Requirement (3 cr)
  • Health Care Quality & Patient Safety Management (HSM 4301, 3 cr)
  • Elective (3 cr)
  • Health Care Law & Ethics (HSM 4591, 3 cr)
  • Gerontology & Geriatrics for Health Service Executives (HSM 4572, 3 cr)
  • Long Term Practicum (HSM 4582, 1,000 hours, 1 cr)

Summer Semester (1 cr)

  • Health Services Management Internship (HSM 4596,  approx. 400 hours, 1 cr)

Fall Semester (15 cr)

  • Recommended Major Core Option: HSM 4065 Information Privacy & Security in HSM (HSM 4065, 3 cr) 
  • Principles of Health Services Management Leadership (HSM 4041, 3 cr)
  • Recommended Major Core Option: Innovation in Health Services (HSM 4575, 3 cr)
  • Management in Assisted Living and Senior Care Settings (HSM 4586, 3 cr)
  • Elective (3 cr)

Spring Semester (15 cr)

  • Health Economics & Policy (PUBH 3801, 3 cr)
  • Leadership & Business Planning in Health Care − Capstone (HSM 4861, 3 cr)
  • Recommended Major Core Option: Foundations of Health Informatics I (HINF 5430, 3 cr)
  • Elective (3 cr)
  • Elective (3 cr)


The Long Term Care Management minor is available to any student currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the University of Minnesota with a GPA of 2.8 or greater.

Career Outlook

An undergraduate degree in Health Services Management with a Long Term Care concentration prepares students for positions and opportunities in:

  • nursing home or long term care setting
  • assisted living establishment
  • state government
  • corporations

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